Time is money!

Time is money!

Today is yet another day when I wonder what I’d do if I worked outside the home.  Our next door neighbor scraped our fender a little bit… honestly, I definitely would not have bothered to fix it if she hadn’t filed a claim with her insurance… which she did within no time at all…. which she did because she’s extremely honest, respects authority, and apparently has very little understanding of how insurance works.  

So I arranged to bring our car in for repairs and to pick up a rental at the auto body place.  (for the record, the rental is not a red minivan with flames painted on the side, despite my 6-year-old’s request) My appointment was for 10:05 am (that :05 makes one really think that there is going to be some adherence to the time, right?).  I sat in the waiting room for half an hour before being seen.  Thirty minutes!  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  I may have muttered to myself, “Good thing I’m just a housewife and my time is without value….”  Truthfully, though, I am really thankful that I have the flexibility to be able to do this stuff.

And to be able to respond with, “Yes, of course!” when a sleep-deprived mom asks if I can watch her kids so she can get some shut-eye today.

And so that I can volunteer at my kids’ school.

But woe be unto someone who asks me to do something I *don’t* want to do!  And whooooo, you do NOT want to suggest that I am able to do an odious task because I have all this “free time” on my hands.

NO time is free. Time is about the most precious thing.

And when I am on my Karen 2.0 game, following the schedule that actually works for me (kids to school, work out, write, lunch, chores, kids home from school), I really do not have any “spare” time during the week.  And I like it!

I feel a little like I hit my stride when I am on my schedule.  I feel like I could keep this up pretty well but I understand that’s not in the cards.  But the fact is, having parameters is healthy for me.  It gives me a good idea of how the household will run when I am working outside the home — what works and what needs to work better.  If I look at getting my act together as a full time job, I think that’s a helpful mindset that will make the transition a little easier.


As a result of my morning being rent into two by this appointment I didn’t exercise, and this is my time to write, now, about 30 minutes before I pick up The Littlest from school.  But I did get to go to Target and get the Easter Basket supplies all taken care of.  I got each kid a toothbrush, a small toy, and a big bunny… and stuff for the eggs that they’ll hunt for.  I feel like I used to pack those baskets with so much but I have zero desire to do this!!!  We have so much shit all over the place.  So many pencils that don’t work well.  So many superballs.  So many Mardi Gras beads and little mazes and kazoos and pirate eye patches and crayons that break if you use them and paddle balls with balls that fall off and novelty sunglasses with popped-out lenses, and so much crap that comes around for these holidays and birthdays!  Enough!  But in the meantime I need to get some Easter Grass because those baskets are going to look just plain sad.


Speaking of superballs, I am reeling from the disappointment I feel that Phish’s summer tour dates were released and I don’t see ANY that will work very well.   I was SURE they’d do a ball in New England and that could be our 11th anniversary trip.  But no.  There is ONE New England venue (we’d planned to drop the kids with my sister in law in Boston), and that was in Bangor on dates that don’t work with Girl Scout camp.  And, none in Pittsburgh.   I’m a little despondent about it all.

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