Thrice the sun done salutation to the dawn…

Thrice the sun done salutation to the dawn…

I’ve always loved the Smiths (well, since my middle school years) and when I think about how my writing (and life in general) the past few years has gone, Cemetery Gates (in which two emo kids deeply hang out in a graveyard and one reveals himself to be pretentious by deeply saying, “Thrice the sun done salutation to the dawn,” and Moz reveals himself to be both pretentious and an asshole by calling the first person on stealing the quote from a dead poet.) pops into my head.  I feel like I don’t know how to do stuff so I follow others’ leads, whether it’s in mothering or writing or whatever — to the point that any idea I may have is probably not my own.  Now, I know that there aren’t a lot of original thoughts to be had at this point in our long human history, but really, when your creative ideas can be directly traced to a Pinterest board, you might be totally faking it.

When I was blogging and trying to write about natural healthy organic stuff… I felt like I was stealing others’ ideas, others’ work, and others’ writing, and I really didn’t like that.

But as far as things like lunchboxes and birthday parties… is using ideas from others the worst thing in the world?  I don’t think so.

Speaking of original — I was so amazed to find at Aldi Cheddar cheese with dark chocolate IN IT.  I was intrigued.  Cheddar and chocolate are awesome separately but together?  I mean, I love ketchup and I love peanut butter, but they’d probably be disgusting in the same bite.  I told my friend Katy about this outrageous purchase I’d made and of course she’d had it before.  Harumph.  But guess what?  The important thing is that Cheddar + Dark Chocolate = fucking delicious.  Since I got this at Aldi where “special purchases” aren’t likely to be around forever, I want to run back and buy 10 pounds of it.

Speaking of 10 pounds, that is how much weight I might gain if I keep making Chubby Hubby Bars, which I did last night in order to bribe my children to taste ONE BITE OF DINNER, which they did.  They were really great — I couldn’t find peanut butter chips so I got mini peanut butter cups and quartered them, and scattered them on top.  Next time I might try 3 eggs because they were pretty crumbly.  I managed to farm out 7 squares of these treats this morning between lunchboxes and in baggies for teachers and bus drivers.

Speaking of bus drivers — my middle child takes a special needs bus to his school, and the bus comes right to our doorstep, which is so helpful.  But the bus driver was 15 minutes late and it could have put a real wrench in my morning, because I thought I’d have to drive him in… but since I’d have another child in tow in addition to my brood, and I’d need to get my other kids to their school and bus stop… well, it was starting to just snowball and I got really upset and freaked out and I was still in my PJs and I needed to poop but I couldn’t leave the living room because we need to get The Boy on the bus when it comes and I didn’t want to be mid-poo when the bus pulled up.  But she did come, before The Babysat came, and the bus driver was probably having a rough morning herself which is why she was late, which made me feel happy that my son was able to give her a Chubby Hubby Bar on his way into the bus.

Also?  Thank goodness my friend dropped off her son for me to babysit this morning because she saw my daughter in her dress down clothes and questioned if it was a dress down day (her older two go to my daughter’s school).  Um, no.  No, it was not a dress down day.  I bribed her with a quarter to get into her uniform — but I’m so glad that she didn’t go to school dressed down!  She’d get sent to the office!  Interestingly, my 6-year-old son was also bribed with a quarter to get himself dressed solo this morning, and he came down the stairs wearing his 3-year-old brother’s clothes.

I’ll miss my girl tonight… she’s going right for a sleepover after school!  I wonder if one day we’ll get all three kids farmed out on sleepovers?  Hmmmmm…..

After running on Wednesday and doing the 4 Minutes of Death yesterday, after basically sitting on my ass and crying for months, my legs were KILLING me last night.  It’s also 15 degrees out and snow on the ground to boot.  So indoor yoga it was today.  I did Cardio Yoga even though the hubster suggested I do just gentle meditative stuff.  Since I fully plan on not exercising this weekend, I  thought I’d just go for it.  Felt good!  I almost did a push up.  I’d love to not have my vagina make that noise after inversion poses though.  That is a big benefit to doing yoga in the privacy of my own home.

I am down one pound, which I attribute to absolutely nothing since I haven’t been doing anything any span of time.  But I’ll take it.  So I started at 146 and I’d like to get to 125, which for a gal who’s 5’2″ (or so), is a pretty reasonable weight.  When I was between my first and second kids I got down to 115 but I wasn’t healthy.  I really am going to try to shed some poundage but I’m not getting bogged down in the number on the scale because I know that it’s not a perfect measure of health and fitness.  And after all, some girls are bigger than others.  And, some girls’ mothers are bigger than other girls’ mothers.  Ahem.

  • Cardio Yoga: 20 minutes
  • Words written: 1000+
  • Weight: 145 (and that’s PRE-POOP.)
  • Job I Don’t Want: Financial Planner (it’s the first of the month, otherwise known as that day when all the money is siphoned out of our bank account)
  • Deck Check: Cemetery Gates, The Smiths (The Queen is Dead)

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  1. I was thinking about what it would take to get all three out on sleepovers down the road. Our best bet would probably if by random chance two got a sleepover offer on a night, and then you posted on Facebook to the parents of the third’s friends about how nice it would be, yadda yadda yadda…. But really the likelyhood is slim. By that point the oldest will probably be able to babysit while we’re out. That’s not that far off.

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