Snow Day

Snow Day

I took yesterday off from just about everything because we had a snow day!  I am so thrilled to report that we had an awesome time.

Let me back track to the Blizzard of ’10, when two or three feet of snow got dumped on the city of Pittsburgh.  There was nowhere to put this snow.  School was cancelled for two weeks.  TWO WEEKS.  At least a week for my daughter who was in Pre-K 5 days and my middle child had a head start program that was a few days a week, and that was closed another week after hers was.  It was 2-3 weeks (2-3 feet, 2-3 weeks, after you get to a certain point things get hazy.) all told.

I tried to do things to keep the kids busy and happy but I was unprepared.

I busted out the shovels and pails from our beach toys and we built snow castles.

I put colored water into spray bottles and we spray painted the snow.

We baked cookies.  A lot.

I made obstacle courses on the carpet with painter’s tape.

And yet I still went crazy.  It was the uncertainty of if all, that didn’t help.  I felt so sure we’d have school the next day and we didn’t.  And then after it started back up, it was still so so so snowy that parking in the city for school drop off and pick up was a nightmare.  Finding a space was tough.  Hauling three kids out of the Civic was stressful.  Getting kids buckled in and out was annoying and cold and difficult because of the warm clothes.  I got stuck so many times.  I was depressed and exhausted with the snow, the lack of sleep with my infant son, and the difficulties that were becoming more evident with my middle child.

My husband pointed out that this was a once-in-a-lifetime storm, probably, and I ruined it for everyone with my bad attitude.  That was hard to hear.

So that summer, I made a PLAN.  I basically did homeschool that summer with the kids, young as they were (3 and 5). We did an alphabet wall art project that is still (mostly) on the walls and we went on one “field trip” a week.  I had a plan and it was good.

I try now to always have stuff in reserve to do.  But this snow storm, I didn’t.

So we just hung out.  I know that sounds natural and normal… but that’s not exactly *me.*  When it comes to mothering, I’m not either.  So it is kind of a big deal.

I was supposed to go to school with my daughter on Wednesday, and as I’d had to cancel the past two Wednesdays due to illness (either mine or the boys’), she was disappointed that her baby brother’s bout with the fever and diarrhea and being miserable was looking to keep him, and me, home on Wednesday.

Thankfully Mother Nature intervened and we ALL stayed home.  Little Boy got another day to rest (and had a little bout of the runs upon waking up and was fine all day, so he’s at school now… yippee!!!!), and we all went out to build snowmen, which we hadn’t done all winter because the snow was not suitable.  There was a snowball fight.  We made chocolate chip cookies and ate them all, basically.

It was the perfect storm… enough of the right snow to build snowfolks, and it has been melting since the snow stopped.  Because it was coming down pretty well at 6am, school was called off so we all got to just relax in the morning.  Then when the little one was asleep on the sofa I mixed up the cookie dough with my middle one.  He *loves* to cook.  This recipe called Best Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe is my new favorite recipe.  I followed the advice in the comments and chill the dough.  We added mini peanut butter cups to this batch.  Delicious! Then we went outside to play in the snow.  The littlest woke up and wanted to come out too.  I got my workout of sorts by shoveling our steps and walk, and our elderly neighbor’s as well.

Here are some pictures from a day when I felt like a decent mom:








We won’t talk about how bedtime was a total nightmare (resulting in my middle child getting so many consequences that I don’t even remember them all) and how I almost lost my shit on the kids when they were trying to make an inhuman amount of noise putting on their snow gear so they’d wake up their sick baby brother.  I think the day overall gets a 8/10, which considering I didn’t have A PLAN makes it an 11/10.


Today I was back to normal.  I got the kids up and at them, and came home and did a new workout today.  I am still feeling the lower body workout from Tuesday, and since it’s still pretty slushy out, I decided not to run.  I did an upper body workout called Bikini Body Makeover: Tank Top Arms and it was good!  I had planned to do yoga too but my arms were tired, big time!  I hope that no one needs me to do any heavy lifting today. Or tomorrow.

The other glamorous things on my list are putting away laundry and cleaning the playroom.  Oh, the playroom.  There actually is a place for (almost) everything.  But when cleaning the other night, in an effort to just get everything up off the floor (a noble and worthy goal), things were piled on the train table instead of where they go.  And when a child wanted to find one particular toy?  It aaaaaaalllllllllllllll went on the floor.  And there it still sits!  So, I would love to get that picked up today too.

And tonight I’m going out for coffee with my middle son’s former Pre-K teacher, who is probably the best person at a profession I have ever met.  She’s insanely dedicated, ridiculously professional, utterly caring, endlessly energetic, and completely suited for the job of a Pre-K teacher.  And even though I’ve known her for three years, I have anxiety that she will ask me to call her by her first name.  We have a LOT of debriefing to do, after the debacle that was the first half of my son’s kindergarten year.  Of my many regrets about how things went down, foremost is that her hard work getting him ready for kindergarten was disregarded and her expertise was discounted.


  • Strength training, upper body: 20 minutes
  • Words written: 1100+
  • Weight: Did not check.  And I’m not inclined to.
  • Job I Don’t Want: My mail carrier, who apparently got pelted with a lot of snowballs yesterday
  • Deck Check: I Love It, Icona Pop (Icona EP).


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  1. I was the grumpy one yesterday. You seemed to handle it fine, though when it was 4pm and I was having a hard time staying conscious and getting back to work, seeing you guys napping on the couch made me jealous.

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