out with the old!

out with the old!

Today, I have a little 3-year-old hanging out with me while his mom and dad work.  He’s very personable and easy to entertain, so I’ve been cleaning while he’s playing and chatting with me.  I’m working on our bedroom (which a normal person would call “The Master Bedroom” but we don’t really live in that kind of house.

And anyway, even to say that it’s OUR bedroom seems ridiculous since 4/5 of the occupants of this home were in the bed by sunrise. But fine, OUR ROOM.

So, if I could change one thing about our room, it would be to have a light in the closet.  The closet, while spacious, does not have a working light.  I can’t see anything!  We were told by an electrician that for whatever reason, it would be an expensive fix.

As a result, it becomes a disaster really quickly, unfortunately.

In truth, that is where my “grown up” clothes go, and I don’t wear them that often.  I bought most of those clothes with my last promotion at work… which was shortly before I got pregnant with my first child, who is turning 9 this year.  So these clothes are 10 years old.  Dated.  Not suited for either my life or my body at this juncture.

Instead of opening the closet and being frustrated that I have all these clothes and nothing to wear, I can now proudly complain that I just have nothing to wear.

And I’m OK with this.

At this stage of my life, I really actually like the way I’ve been acquiring clothes.  I head up to Goodwill every 6 months and spend $20 on a new pair of jeans and a few shirts.   I’m convinced that my right leg is longer than my left, because I bust out the pants knee on that leg every 6 months.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a $25 pair from Target or a $70 pair from the Gap.  So, I go to the “fancy” Goodwill in the suburbs and do something that really actually reflects my values.

It’s environmentally responsible. I save the clothes from an untimely end, I save production costs for new garments, and with so many brands and sizes, I guess I save on gas going from store to store finding the perfect pair.

It’s frugal. $4.99 for pants?  Sounds right to me!

It allows me to take risks.  Because it’s so inexpensive, I bought a pair of pink corduroys last winter. Not something I’d do for $70 at the Gap, but I felt pretty sassy wearing my $5 pink pants!  I can pick up a $1.99 cardigan that I end up wearing a lot, but for $40 new in the store, I might not be able to justify it.


So — I guess I’ll be restocking the racks with this big bag of castoffs.  I love clearing out clutter!


Now, the “his” side of the closet?  That’s another story for another day.   But since my honey has a surprise date planned for me tomorrow night, I’ll just let it slide today :)


  • Yoga: 30 mins of a no-frills routine (22 min general, 8 min arms)
  • Words written: 500+
  • Deck Check: Mexican Cousin, Phish (Round Room).

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  1. Two things:

    1) Aren’t you glad when you asked what you would have to wear on the date tomorrow I said casual?

    2) You talk as if I ever put anything in the closet. I just take things out of the closet. I don’t recall the last time I put anything INTO the closet. Maybe that’s a different problem, but the mess in there is not my fault. :P

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