“If this isn’t nice…”

“If this isn’t nice…”

This was a great weekend.  In fact, it was the kind of weekend where I kept waiting for something to happen.

A meltdown.

A dumb disagreement to escalate into a dumb argument.


Whatever.  It’s always something, isn’t it?

But on and on it went.

Saturday started with a mediocre run, but I was glad it was over.  Four miles for the books.

Came home, got cleaned up, and then we went to the Kids Build at the Home Depot. All the kids made great little pencil holders shaped like lawnmowers.  It’s such a fun program and they always have a blast.

Then the boys got haircuts… by their requests.  I hated to let my shaggy boys get their hair get cut but I let it go.  Deep breaths.  They look adorable and this was a tear-free haircut duo, which in itself was a miracle.

Then, the neighborhood Yard Sale.  Thanks to my husband’s taking one for the team, Middle Child was able to go home and chill out and play video games when after a half block he got tired of it. The Bookends and I got some good stuff cheap!  My favorite buys were a pair of $2 shirts.  The Little Guy found an Angry Bird plush and my daughter got a bracelet (and used her money to buy a doll for a friend).  And I found a Skylander for the big guy… he was excited!

We came home and cleaned… and another miracle, the boys actually did what I asked them to.  It was kind of creepy.  And we just relaxed the rest of the evening!

Sunday was ALSO great.  I did my 7-mile run and really felt great.  It was the first run in a while where I didn’t have bloody toes, chaffed thighs, or peed pants, and my longest run since last year’s half… and average 11:39 pace!

The kids were nearly cooperative getting ready for church.  And somehow we were able to transform a crisis about wanting to wear socks with Keens into a grand hunt to see exactly who was or was not wearing socks at church (and for the record, the minister was not).  I met a new friend at church too!

A few shopping stops and lunch after church and… still no problems!  We made it out of THE BOOKSTORE without getting one thing for the kids and even went for Middle Eastern food and even if they didn’t eat their food (for lunch anyway) they were all GOOD.

The kids and I hung out at home and my husband went for a bike ride…. where he saw a home run hit at the Pirates game AND a BALD EAGLE.

Round out the day with a drama-free cello practice, bedtime that wasn’t horrible, and watching TV with my husband (even if it was Game of Thrones, which, God, I can’t even.) and a change in the weather letting us sleep with the windows open — it was the perfect weekend.

And now we’re on to the week!  And this week has a tough act to follow!

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