Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

So, the question facebook keeps asking is…  how’s it going?

Well, it’s actually going pretty well!  I’m keeping with the exercise and I like it a lot.  I’m writing and I like that too!

Of course… I do have other things on my plate.  Like a house to manage.  I try to follow this cleaning schedule, but it’s not going very well, honestly.  I don’t think it’s the fault of the cleaning schedule!  I do think it has to do with the overall culture of slovenliness that occurs in this house.  I spend half my time, it seems, trying to get shit picked up enough to actually clean and then it’s all crapped up again by the time I get to the other end of the house. It’s like painting the Golden Gate Bridge.  I’m not 100% sure what I can do about this, to actually make it work.  But I think it’s definitely something that everyone in this house need to work on, and I think it’s something that everyone will benefit from.

Another thing on my plate is my middle son’s freaking medical benefits.  Since he has an autism spectrum disorder, it’s recommended that he gets behavioral health services, and the only way to apparently pay for these is through Medicaid.  Fine.  Great.  Except that’s the most inefficient fucking bullshit ever.  My caseworker is apparently on fucking sabbatical and has screwed up the paperwork in unimaginable ways.  I should know better than to actually try to interact with anyone in that office — because there’s no way to actually contact anyone anyway — and just call my state rep because they get shit done.  I sent an email on Sunday and got a call back before 10am on Monday.  Hopefully we can get all this straightened out NOW.  I’m absolutely livid and so shocked that this is as difficult as it is!  I have a masters degree.  I have time and resources at my disposal that many who are due these benefits, don’t have!  How do they find the time and energy to make all these infernal calls and get all of this paperwork filled out?

So — that definitely is my utmost priority for our family.  Getting our kids’ health taken care of is obviously more important than anything else!

OH.  And I’m a Box Top Lady.  I trim and count the Box Tops for my daughter’s school.  Except I totally flaked on this month’s and I didn’t realize it until this morning (they were due Sunday night!).  So that’s another thing I need to do today!

It’s no wonder that cleaning is majorly on the back burner.

Our hope in the next few months (?) is to transition our boys’ toys up to their rooms.  Our boys scored a big victory, when they saw me put their Hero Factory Toys in the closet in their room before bedtime and then didn’t try to get them after the lights went out.  I think if we can add one or two toys a week into their closet, we can eventually expand it to under bed storage and reclaim the playroom!

I’m all over the place today.  Monkey mind, right?   I know that’s a bad thing.  On days like today, though, when I feel like I need to be “on call” to go down to the offices to straighten out the Medical Assistance, I know I’m not going to get involved in anything that I can’t put down immediately.

I will say that during my workout this morning I tried to be very present (despite commercial breaks (!!!), having to take two phone calls, and having to go the bathroom).  It was TOUGH.  Definitely a challenge.  It was cardio with a focus on toning the lower body.  There were some moves I couldn’t do at all, not even once — which makes me really want to keep trying!  I am definitely going to be feeling it tomorrow!  So, 10 lb Down Better Body Blast is a keeper but I’ll definitely NOT do it two days in a row.  It got my heart rate up and I certainly felt my muscles responding to the challenge.

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday and we went over to another family’s house, along with another family.  I made this disgustingly awesome Hot Bean Dip (although I don’t know how the HELL she used 4 cups of cheese… I LOVE cheese and I only used 1 cup, which was PLENTY.  Like, Jesus Christ, that was a lot of cheese.).  It was really really nice to spend time with them… I served on a board and a subcommittee with these two women in the past and I feel like I just don’t seem them anymore.  They are really great women, and I respect what they do professionally as well as how they manage it all with their families.  I’m pretty in awe.  Right now I can’t imagine being as together as they are.  And that’s with me not having as much on my plate as they do!  Maybe that’s part of my issue — too much time, not enough constraints.  Which is what this project is addressing, right?  I’m putting myself on a schedule.

Speaking of which… tomorrow, no matter what, my schedule is going to be shot to shit.  With snow in the forecast, there might be a delay, which means my kids will be around, which means my brain no worky good.  And if there’s not, I’ll be meeting a former backup client (so I was her backup doula and only met with her once prenatally) for coffee at 10, because she is trying to explore some career options in the birth industry (she is currently a yoga instructor and I believe she does prenatal yoga and is hoping to accompany her clients as a doula).  Even though I’m not going to births and may never again, I really think it’s neat that someone seeks my opinion on this sort of thing  It makes me feel good that I have some knowledge that others might want .  Usually when I correct my kids’ homework I’m met with eye-rolls and attitude, so this is definitely a nice change.  BUT, anyway, I’ll try and get the exercise done but I make no promises about 1000+ words.

  • Cardio: 20+ minutes
  • Words written: 1000+
  • Weight: 146 (I blame Superbowl food)
  • Job I Don’t Want: County Assistance Office Caseworker because I’d fucking hate myself.
  • Deck Check: You Learn, Alanis Morrisette (Jagged Little Pill)

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  1. The cleaning thing I think will only be achieved through a full on cultural change with the force of some sort of Family Revolution. Part of it will be helped by a transition of toys to bedrooms, part of it by better storage solutions for our ‘stuff’ on the main floor. Part by a better utilization of attic and basement storage, and the downstairs office which could transition to a Den or something along those lines. But mostly, we just need to have everyone in the house to police themselves and others and not let anyone just drop their coat anywhere, leave their toys anywhere, etc. We can do it though. We’ll have to before you’ll really be able to go get a job outside the house.

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