Grownups Can Do Whatever They Want!

Grownups Can Do Whatever They Want!

I’m sure every parent has heard this, right?  I remember saying this to MY parents.

My daughter said this today.  She told me that she can’t wait until she’s a grownup so she can do whatever she wants!

I told her that what I WANTED to do today was to sit on the sofa and watch movies and eat Doritos.

But what will actually comprise my day?

Getting kids to school.  Sure, I don’t HAVE to do this but if I didn’t, well, they’d be uneducated and constantly underfoot. No one wants either of those things.

Working out.  Sure as HELL don’t want to do that today.  But the fact that my belly was spilling out from under the hem of my workout top tells me that I need to do it anyway.  I haven’t really exercised in a while and I did Better Body Blast and, well, I did it.  I didn’t feel awesome but I did it.  I’m hoping to go out for a run this weekend because the kids are on spring break next week and I won’t get much exercise in except exercising my patience.

Taking a shower.  Now, this is one of my favorite activities but it’s something my kids would rather be flogged than engage in.

Going to the dentist.  Absolutely one of my least favorite things.  I know one of my crowns is loose and I chipped a tooth, so it’s not going to be a great time.  And I’ve been flossing and using Crest Pro Health toothpaste, which tastes like toothpaste would taste if the Devil made toothpaste, so if I get any other bad news — which I ALWAYS do — I’ll be pissed as hell.  BUT I know that if I don’t go, I’ll have bigger problems down the road (although I sometimes doubt this… honestly, try as I may I still get bad news at the dentist so I don’t really know why I bother… but it is the grown-up thing to do).

Attending an IEP (individualized education plan) meeting for my youngest son who, in my opinion, has a minor speech delay.  I am aware of the fact that they will tell me he needs speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and that they believe he’s autistic.  I think they’re frankly effed in the head, thinking that.  But I acknowledge that he behaves differently around people he knows and in small groups, and that he’s currently not performing well at school, and that’s what they have to go on, and that if he’s not performing well in pre-K, he needs to get help to adjust to that environment.  Which, as I’ve said before, is so chaotic that I feel like flapping my hands in front of my face after I visit that classroom.  So YES, I’d rather not do this.  I don’t really want another child to need special services.  Because the thing is, I thought we’d hit a home run with this one.  I really do, still.  He’s an awesome kid and I think he’s responding in a very sane way to an insane classroom.

And then I get to get kids home from school, make dinner, get homework done, and cello practiced, and bedtime taken care of, and laundry folded, and house cleaned.  No, I don’t really want to do ANY of that.  But I will because it’s good for the kids and the house and for my husband and for me to have a smoothly running household.  What my husband needs to do is to take a second wife to do the grunt work around here.  :)

So, yes — I could do whatever I wanted to, today.  But if you’re reading this, you know that you could too, and you’re not either.

My husband and I have this fantasy of just walking away from it all and living out of a camper in Mexico with the kids and just enjoying life and playing.  I’m not quite sure why we’re not doing that, some days… especially on days like today when there is a very limited amount of fun to be had and Spring has sprung with the kind of snow that occurs when it’s just so cold that it’s not so much snow as the atmosphere just giving up any hope of ever being warm again and thus poofing out whatever trace of life it held.

That might be a little dramatic.  But really, go home, weather, you’re drunk.

Oh the upside… yesterday was pretty badass.

Our neighbor scratched our fender on our car.  I probably would never have noticed. She is mortified and she filed a claim before we could even get an estimate and work it out ourselves.  She gave me the claim number in an envelope with a Starbucks card.  I took the car in, got a sweet sweet loaner (it was a Kia Sedona which is a lot bigger than our Sportage, and I think we’ll definitely take a peek at that when the Civic gives up the ghost), and returned it the next day. My Sportage looks great — they washed it inside and out which probably made a bigger difference than buffing out the scratch — and they even gave a goodie bag with glass cleaner and a box of chocolates which I consumed immediately.  I also volunteered in my daughter’s school and went to Goodwill and found 2 pair of pants, a shirt, and a cardigan for myself and three books for the kids, for $20.  Made a real dinner (which no one but my husband and I really ate but whatever!), took The Boy out to get a new Dream Light to replace the one he bathed in vomit, and the kids went to bed without minimal fussing.  Our bribing the middle child with computer time is working swimmingly.  If only we’d been able to go see They Might Be Giants last night, it would’ve been a super duper awesome day (my daughter was bummed too… but it wasn’t a kids show!).

  •  Cardio: 22 minutes
  • Words written: 1000+
  • Weight:144.  I guess being totally sedentary and eating like a pig suits me!
  • Job I Don’t Want: Landscaper
  • Deck Check: Lost My Mind, They Might Be Giants  (Nanobots)

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