Getting Down To It

Getting Down To It

So, illness happened.  A second autism diagnosis happened.  Spring Break happened.  Easter happened.

And now it’s April.  How’d that happen?

We’re all recovered from our bouts of sickness and I’m quite ready to get back exercising every day. It’s too easy to get out of the habit and then it’s hard again.  This is definitely where I am headed if I don’t pull my act together!  This is the time of year when marathon and half marathon bibs go up for grabs and it’s so so tempting.  I wish I was in a better position to be able to grab one.  But alas I am nowhere near ready!  Certainly not with a month out.  But I will see if I can volunteer or at least go cheer them on!  People cheering during races is hugely motivating!  I could kiss everyone who cheered me on.

I remain unconvinced that my youngest child has autism despite what the early intervention team thinks.  And I’ve been actually TRYING.  I’ve been looking at the things he does… not just who he is.  Because I know that WHO he is is awesome. He’s loving, empathetic, imitative, eager, happy, affectionate.  Perhaps the things he does (shaking his head, standing on his head, humming) might indicate something else.  But I think he’s just a goofball.  Nonetheless, he’ll be receiving services left and right and we’ll be thankful for any boost he gets.

Spring break… well, it was OK!  It was cold and ugly out (because that’s just the sort of winter it’s been).  We spent Monday at a bouncy house and then went to the library and cello lesson, Tuesday was a play date and then a visit from my middle child’s behavioral services coordinator.  Wednesday was a babysitting day for me — three boys with ages matching my kids’ ages came over.  Super fun.  Add in another 5 year old and his mom and it was super fun times here.

Then on Wednesday night we went to church for our Seder.  It was AWESOME.  I think it was the best one yet.  All of the kids were well-behaved and no one spilled, guzzled, or dumped any wine or grape juice.  EVERYONE was there the WHOLE TIME.  No one had to be taken out.  No one wanted to leave early.  No one had a tantrum. No one behaved inappropriately.  No one ate all the matzoh before the Haggadah had been opened.  And, both of my contributions to the potluck were devoured.  Bam.  Success.  I attribute the success of the Seder not only to our kids being one year older, but mostly to my being less rigid.  Yes me.  Ha.  I brought along books for the little boys and a peanut butter sandwich for the middle child who eats only peanut butter sandwiches (which was unfortunate on Wednesday afternoon when his visiting friend happened to be allergic to peanuts!).  I let them eat only desserts if they wanted.  I enjoyed myself, and everyone else did too.  Especially my daughter, the afikomen finder for three years running (her reign is officially over… I told her next year she has to help the littler kids).

Thursday we started to go downhill.  Middle child’s play date was canceled due to illness, which obviously, was appreciated because we just finally feel clear from germies and I am so glad that the mom didn’t share the germs with us!  However, as we know, The Boy does not do well with changes of plans.  Although, he voiced his disappointment in very appropriate ways, and focused on future possible play dates, so I was pleased with his reaction!  However, my “deficit” theory once again came into play when we visited…THE DENTIST in the afternoon.  I feel like he was a little drained in his resources from the work it took to be appropriate with regards to a schedule change, and he was out of gas for the dentist.  Hmmmm, maybe we need to go to a dentist that uses gas!  Anyway, it was a tough afternoon and it was not fun for anyone.  But it’s over at least.

Friday, I surprised the kids with a trip to the movie theaters,which we NEVER do, and then out to lunch at IHOP, which we NEVER do, and then a trip to the playground since it wasn’t SNOWING.  I think it may have been our youngest’s first trip to the movies, at least since he’s been old enough to actually care.   IHOP was fun and no one but me seemed to mind the evil face on the “funny face” pancake.  And it was a wonderful day for the Super Playground.  My son’s favorite part is the tire swing, right in view of his “City Home,” the lone tall building in this neighborhood.  I suspect he thinks it’s a single residence and he wants to live here.

Saturday was spent playing outside, dying eggs, and preparing for and attending yet another potluck!

And Sunday was Easter, with the fun egg hunt (which started TOO EARLY, according to our youngest who was woken from a sound sleep and proceeded to scream for 30 minutes), church (where again, NO ONE HAD TO LEAVE EARLY) with two performances with the choir for me and my girl.  Home to play, eat chocolate and prepare our Big Easter Salad.

It really was quite a busy week, so no writing or exercising for me.  I’m glad to be back and I’m glad I gave myself a little hiatus instead of stressing about getting writing and exercising done with kid around.

Yesterday — Monday — I just did the things that I absolutely could not do while they were home: make phone calls, do paperwork, string thoughts together, eat their Easter candy, do research online, and pee with the door closed.

One of the things I researched was something a friend mentioned with regards to a job, and I think it’s a good place for me to start.  I think that right now the plan is to hold off and wait through the summer and then get into the Temp Pool at a local university, which is from where many candidates are able to become full-time employees.  It pays OK, the hours are flexible, and it will refresh my skills and perhaps point me in a new direction.  More importantly, the university has nice compensation for full time employees, including tuition benefits for employees and children.  As I look at my future, which will probably be about 20-30 years of employment, the thought of getting some more education, for free, is really appealing so that I might be in a more delightful occupation (since that’s an awful long time!) for a more delightful salary (since, really, that’s such a short time!).

So I’m getting down to it.  I don’t know that by the end of the summer, at the end of Karen 2.0, I’ll have a flash of insight that will Point Me In The Direction for My Destined Career.  I probably won’t.  But hey, I think this might be a plan.

  •  Cardio Yoga: 20 minutes  (Cardio Yoga: for those days when you can’t decide between cardio and yoga!  Love this workout and it’s great for days when I feel like I need to ease into it a little.  The forecast is looking better in a few days so hopefully I’ll lace up and get out running regularly again soon!)
  • Words written: 1200+ !!!
  • Weight: 143.  Again, I don’t know how to explain it.  A week of sitting on my duff exercising nothing but my patience and eating chocolate.
  • Job I Don’t Want:  Dietitian and Exercise
  • Deck Check: Second Song, Assembly of Dust (Some Assembly Required).

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