Crazy Summer Days: Half Marathon Training Edition.

Crazy Summer Days: Half Marathon Training Edition.

My kids are all out of school… and have been for almost a month!  It’s been a busy month.  Because they’ve all been HERE.  Like, within arm’s reach.  Their arms.  Their short stubby arms.  Close.  

But this week that sort of changes… for a few weeks, EVERY one of my children will be at his or her summer program/camp/school.  For one day a week, at least!  I will have Wednesdays free and that’ll be keen.

This is great timing because my half marathon training plan is really kicking into high gear and I’m being asked to run farther on Thursdays (started at 3 miles and it’s 7-9 miles for the next few weeks).  The kids’ time out of the house will enable me to exercise during the day — which is awesome because my middle child’s summer school bus will arrive at 647 am.  That means in order to run 9 miles and be back in time to get him up and ready I’d have to *start* running by 4am.  Not gonna happen.

Since we got back from vacation I’ve felt a little off-track and discouraged.  I learned that my GPS tracking wasn’t perfectly accurate and I’ve not been running as far or as fast as I thought.  Not dramatically different but still a little less.  And that’s gotten me down.  But I’m not going to give up!


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