Crazy Summer Days: Girl Scout Camp Edition

Crazy Summer Days: Girl Scout Camp Edition

I’m definitely of two minds when it comes to the great outdoors.  On any given day I want to just get out there… or I would like to just stay indoors at all costs.  But, I signed on to attend Girl Scout Camp for my daughter’s first outing and we had a great time.

She’s getting so big and she’s growing so fast.  It won’t be long before she wants nothing to do with me so I’m glad we had the chance to make these memories.

I do worry that when I come along to these things, she spends so much more time with me than her peers — but regardless it was a wonderful overnight to Camp Skymeadow!

We arrived on Friday afternoon and did some flagpole games and retired the flag before dinner.  After dinner was swimming (I think she was upset enough at not being allowed to go down the water slide that she might be brave enough to learn to swim this summer) and canoeing.  It was so much fun!  The girls also caught fish on the dock.  Then campfire and bed.  Full disclosure:  I wasn’t upset at all that the tents were taken and we slept in the lodge!

me-im-hug canoe

On Saturday the girls did work on their badges and we took a muddy hike.  We were pretty happy to be finished and on our way to lunch, then back to the lodge to clean up and back to Pittsburgh.


I can’t say enough about the counselors.  They were delightful, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and great role models.

And my daughter’s troop leaders… both are just the kind of mom I wish I was, and I’m so thrilled that my daughter has them in her life.  Watching her walk hand-in-hand with these wonderful women made me so happy.

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