All in a Day’s Work

All in a Day’s Work

OK, today was abnormally productive, and I think I know why.

I will say that I have a renewed vigor for all that I’m doing — whether it’s the spring, or the nice weather, or the fact that the sun is generally visible, or because it’s not so darn cold all the time… who can tell?

After a phenomenal date on Saturday night (ROLLER DERBY!), my husband was feeling pretty low-energy on Sunday, so I didn’t want to stick him with solo child care duty while I went grocery shopping, since I was so doing that for a play that I took my daughter to see that afternoon.

So, in addition to my ordinary list, I had to go to the grocery store.

What really does me in is the span between getting my daughter on the bus and getting started for the day.  What I make the mistake of doing is going home and doing “a few things” before I start to exercise.  Because I end up sitting down to check emails, get the recipes for dinner tonight…. and then something shiny on the internet distracts me and next thing I know, it’s an hour later.

I’m not the only person who’s done this, correct?

Well, with my husband’s suggestion that I begin to work on my speed while running, I’ve taken to running up at the only flat spot in the City of Pittsburgh — the Highland Park Reservoir.  I’ve written before about how boring it is — and it is boring to just run around.  But when I’m doing fartleks and paced runs, it’s helpful to run the same route and not to bother with hills.  It’s pretty ideal.

This new running terrain serves not only as a good place to run, but I drive there — so it makes sense for me to drive right there and not go home to eff around for an hour!  And since I’m starting earlier, and running faster, I can do more in less time.  And finish even sooner than I ordinarily would have.

So this morning, I waved good bye to my daughter’s bus, got in the car, drove to the library to drop off books and the bank to deposit a check, and then up to the park to run.  I was done running by 1030 and then went to the grocery store right away.

That’s the other thing — if I’d run from my home, not only would I have to battle the Evil Hills going up to my house for the last push, but I’d have showered, eaten lunch, and blogged before I went to the store… and I’d have been rushing at the store to get done by the time I need to pick up the little one from school at 2:30, and all stressed about leaving groceries in the car when I picked him up.  But I was home by 11:30, got groceries put away and lunch eaten by 12:30.  I figure I’ll be done writing by 130 with plenty of time to de-stinkify myself before picking him up.

It helps that I think I look pretty awesome in my running clothes.  Although markedly less awesome after the run.  And I smell way way way worse (sorry Aldi!).

Now we’re hopefully done shopping for food for the month (except milk and juice of course).  I got hopefully enough grub to keep my husband in good shape for breakfasts and lunches while I’m gone on my girls’ weekend next weekend!  I made the error last year of buying lots of stuff for him to make for dinner, and he didn’t use that stuff (which is fine, he did great, and it wasn’t like anything went to waste, except my planning!), and this year I’m just making sure there’s boxed mac and cheese and bread and cereal.  Because really, that’s all they want anyway!

And I’m just sort of relaxing today, in my mind, at least.  I am glad our taxes are done and we don’t have an amount due.  I’m relieved that my travel plans are set for my girls’ weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing my friends.  I’m feeling pretty confident and happy about our lives right now and I feel like everything is going to be OK.



  •  Run: 3 miles
  • Weight: 143
  • Deck Check: Farmhouse, Phish (Farmhouse)

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